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2023 Inaugural Grand Gala

2023 Inaugural Grand Gala

This highly anticipated black tie event brought together elegance, excitement and a room full of love. A celebration second to none! Your sponsorships directly helped to provide financial and educational support to Acute Myeloid Leukemia patients and their families.

When Barbara “Barbie” Knight was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in January 2021, she had already survived breast cancer. A true fighter, she vowed to take on AML with the same gusto she took on breast cancer. A successful entrepreneur and owner of several companies, Barbie brought this same determination to her battle with AML and in doing so, sought to make something positive of a terrible situation.

The Barbara Knight Foundation was created to shed a light on AML, a particular type of leukemia that is often overlooked, even though it is the most aggressive and deadliest form of leukemia. The Foundation has already started helping AML patients by awarding grants to those patients in financial need.

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